Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Interested in research to improve access to abortion for PEI women?

Understanding for a change: Interrogating effects from twenty years of denying women’s access to an abortion in PEI.

We are a group of researchers interested in understanding women’s experiences with accessing abortion in PEI and helping to create reproductive justice for women. Reproductive justice includes the full range of women’s reproductive needs. We are interested in learning about your experiences so that we can change PEI’s abortion policy to open access for women. If you have any questions about this research, you can contact Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie, Department of Psychology, UPEI at 902-566-0617 (

We want to speak confidentially with women in Prince Edward Island and our supporters for access to abortion. We are interested in interviewing:
a) PEI women who have had an abortion at any time in their life,
b) PEI women who had to leave PEI to have their right to an abortion,
c) PEI women who requested the morning after pill, for themselves or for a friend,
d) PEI women who tried home remedies or other means to bring about an abortion without qualified medical help
e) PEI women who wanted an abortion but were blocked access in any way,
f) PEI women and men who have worked as abortion rights activists,
g) PEI women and men who went with friends or family to an abortion, and
h) medical personnel interested in improving women’s reproductive rights in PEI.

What Do You Want Me to Do?
·         Take part in a one hour interview about:
o   Your experiences with accessing or trying to access abortion in PEI
o   Messages about abortion that had an impact on you
o   Your opinion on how to improve access to abortion for PEI women
Where Will the Interview Take Place?

·         In a confidential place that is convenient to you where you will feel comfortable.
·         We will give you a ride to where the interview will occur, if you need it

You Have Rights
·         If you participate in the interview you may
o   end the interview at any time
o   refuse to answer any question
·         If you end the interview or refuse to answer a question there is no penalty.
What Happens With My Interview?
The interview will be audio recorded and typed out. All information that can identify you or your location will be removed from the typed out copy. Only the members of the research team will see the typed out copy. Your story will be combined with others to make a story about women’s access to abortion in PEI.
If you would like to take part or would like more information, call Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie, Department of Psychology, UPEI at 902-566-0617 (